Why do I need so much…?

November 30, 2017 Leave a Comment

How many pairs of jeans do you have? Shirts?  How about shoes? Purses? How many is too many?

Why are so many caught up in consumerism? What is the actual purpose behind different jeans for everyday of the week?

I observed a grandparent trying to buy her adolescent grandson a new pair of shoes, while shopping in a shoe store. The store offers at least 50 various brands, styles and colors of shoes, yet the teen remains adamant. “I don’t see exactly what I want,” he says quietly, but politely. “Since I only need one pair of shoes for the whole school year, I want to make sure to get the ones I really want!”

Who survives with only one pair of shoes? What grandchild would not be ecstatic at the opportunity to let their grandma spend money on them?

Which leads to the penetrating question…”Why do I want numerous items that I quite often don’t use? What’s the reason? Does everyone consume more than is needed?

This teenage boy clearly does not subscribe to the same philosophy as many of us, and he makes a powerful point. Each time I look in my closet this week, I find myself wondering…when does a few become too many? That teen’s a real party pooper! And brilliant.

Clarify what you need and just get that. Eliminate the unnecessary.
As you build your tribe and widen your influence, be sure you are not just adding nonessential numbers. Quality followers are your goal. Are they purposeful? Engaged? Or are they just dust-collectors in your closet?

Today’s action: Be sure you are reaching out to worthy collaborators. Don’t weigh yourself down with dead weight.


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