In the heart of conversations about wealth…

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In the heart of most conversations about financial or business growth there lies the inherent desire for more. More financial success, more power, more influence, more freedom, more authority.

Successful businesses gain growth by promoting only 1-3 basic effective strategies at a time. Many of us tend to try to complicate what really is basic comprehension of procedures.

One of the vital points I gleaned from colleague and friend Harrison Klein, an EBC board member, is that universally financial success can be viewed as energy – the synergy of people, the transference of money, the growth of careers and businesses. After many years of examining the living greats, Harrison has educated many energized thought leaders on his philosophy – an instinctive way of recognizing internal challenges, and his methods help them discover a new path. Like many techniques, it’s not difficult once you understand.

Today’s Action – Closely look at one of your heroes in business, life, or healing and to try to perceive how they project their energy to others. Then breathe deeply and try to find your own feeling of aliveness in your body. Practice this daily for the next week and rest in that feeling of fulfillment until it becomes centered. Then go about your daily tasks and activities, Watch what starts happening!



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