Me.. with all of the “hot shots” ?

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  I’m standing with Partha Nandi and Debbi Dachinger and marveling at how I got here. That I could randomly chat with, and glean wisdom from, people whose community reach is off the charts.
Is it necessary for you to be “big” before you fraternize with other significant influencers? No, but consciously deciding to be in the vicinity of those who have conquered the influence world is a huge move in the correct direction.
 A smart way to understand how your role models became leaders is to personally peruse how they accomplished it. Being close by with a proficient person enables you to watch them work. Closely watch their body language, their command of their message, and relationship building skills. Observe to see just what personality traits make them the one to watch. You may have brilliant ideas, but if you are lacking in communication skills you may not  be able to get anyone’s attention.
Networking involves making connections that you can’t get on-line.
The cyber world links millions of people every minute, but face-to-face meetings with like-minded people create a group of cohorts that you can call upon if the need arises. Vital friendships evolve when you have personally visited with someone.
Today’s action:  Create an opportunity this month to personally connect with influential people you admire.  Get out and get busy. It could make all the difference in your world.

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