Can’t color outside the lines

October 19, 2017 Leave a Comment


“I’m still perfectly incomplete. I’m still working on my masterpiece.”

“Masterpiece” is a pop song about not having achieved the “best of me” time in life. It’s written by Jessie J, a 29 year old woman who “can’t color inside the lines.”

I can’t either! As a matter of fact, I have a tougher time coloring inside the lines now than I did when I was a little girl. Then, I needed to be like others. I had the extrinsic motivation of a gold star. Or the ultimate reward – having my painstakingly colored pictures posted on the refrigerator for all to see. Especially my older brothers and sisters. Sibling rivalry comes to us at a young age, doesn’t it?

Now society functions with as little wait time as possible. It’s OK if you happen to scribble outside the lines a little; just own it and make it yours. Executives are searching for people who embrace that they are “perfectly incomplete.” Seize opportunities to think differently. It’s powerful. It’s freeing. It’s educational. It matters.

One of the major tenets of influence is taking control and creating your own life and happiness.

Today’s Action – color outside the lines. It may not come easy for some, but let the exercise be freeing. At least your masterpiece will be something totally unique.



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