Thank you for working so hard…

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“Thank you for working so hard.” I expressed this sentiment to a teammate today and thought I would share her response…




Dear T,

Your appreciation of my work motivated me to look back on the perception of “work” throughout my life. I usually work hard, but there have been times when I hardly worked, worked part-time, worked from home for no money/some money/lots of money, job shared to keep my sanity, worked so hard I briefly lost my mental focus (more than once!), retired from work, and gone back to work.

I have worked with strangers, old friends, new friends, priests, people with God complexes, relatives, really smart people, people who thought they knew it all and did not have anything else to learn, people who taught me new skills, and people who valued what I had to teach them.

I have been called enthusiastic, racist, over-reacher, amazing, organized, dedicated, scattered, energetic, lazy, inept, and numerous other adjectives. I have had eye rolls, fingers in my face, arms hugging me, shared smiles and tears, showered with gifts, had the rug pulled out from under me, and many more joy-filled, sad, positive and negative moments.

Throughout all those years, two words could always make it better…”Thank you!” A short, but all-important expression of recognition. An affirmation that acknowledges that I did my best.

So, thank you for thanking me. YOU not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk.


Today’s action: Say “Thank you” to someone in your circle who you know always does their best. Those two words will be remembered for ever.



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