Pick your neighbours? It might be time..

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What reaction does that title elicit from you? Fearful examples of racism and white supremacy? Neighborhoods full of the same color of skin? Futuristic selection processes?

With the recent events of Charlottesville VA, this conversation is again bubbling to the surface. Research has shown that giving energy and thought to the areas we fear causes us to feel the need to fight those concerns. Negative traits such as arrogance, disgust, and other fear-based emotions are easy to get caught up in.

Counteracting an angry society, research is now going into more proactive ways to address formidable issues in our current society.  Ways to maintain boundaries without feeding the things we don’t want.

For example, observe the facial expressions on the angry marchers in Virginia. Afterward, some are claiming they just got “caught up in the moment.” Influenced by their neighbors. A frightening thought.

One of the most important priorities you can set for yourself is get highly intentional with whom you associate . Want to have a far-sighted few of the world, hang out with visionaries. Want to become a positive influencer? Hang out with the influential. Want to stay stagnant? Hang out with those who hold you back or drag you down.

This is one of the reasons we started Vista Mundo, our intentional community in Costa Rica:  my realization of how much support I needed in the vision I have for my life.

Today’s action – notice if you’re hanging out with people who pull your energy down.  Make a priority to spend more time with people who believe in your potential and your vision for your life.


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