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Words brandish power. The tone you use when you say them, the loud or soft volume, and your gestures all combine to be the total live communication package. In addition, in written communication words are even more important.

Especially when used in social media.
Consider the word aspire, which is not used very frequently any more. There are many catch phrases with similar meanings: plug away, make a run at it, hammer away, go for broke… However aspire just sounds classy, and carries some credibility.
I desire to influence others, and see that dream actualized almost daily. I have a thirst for helping others realize their potential, and connect fledgling writers with successful mentors every day. I am eager to make a difference in every fiber of my being.
But…when did I aspire to change the world? When I knew in my gut that I could, and should, and would.
When I believed in myself, and my ability to influence others to join me. When I knew my skill-set was strong enough to make it happen.
Today’s action: Pick one of your pieces of writing. Is there vocabulary you could repurpose to wield more power? Take pains to choose your words carefully when you write. You do not have the added non-verbal communication techniques to support and emphasize your message.

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