Enlightenment involves emotions

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You are a member of the human race. You have feelings.

You’ve been joyful, sad, happy, frustrated, placid, stoic and brave.

All of us have.

Emotions are noticeable. You realize this. You can sense anger, sadness and joy. Others can recognize emotions in you. Emotions become the basis of your validity. Authenticity (does your outer voice reflect your inner voice) is the foundation of your influence.

In this world of greater attention on emotional intelligence, be aware of how you view emotions. Do you judge sorrow as bad and joyfulness as good? What about when you contemplate? Or call a halt to your plan because your intuition is to do nothing? What’s your perception of whether this is good or bad?

Do you avoid feeling anger? What if this emotion is the fuel of social change? Would Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have caused the changes they did without anger?

Today’s exercise – notice and write about your judgements based on your emotions today. Notice if you judge some emotions as being good and mindful of the world, and some as been bad and unenlightened. Ponder the possibility that true enlightenment is the ability to be with all your emotions, and to use your emotions to cause the change you want to see in the world.


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