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All too frequently, someone new signs me up to their list without my permission. It always takes me by surprise. Especially since this type of harassment is now illegal in many countries (in Canada the fines are up to 1 million dollars).

To abate my curiosity as to what people were thinking, we ran a quick Facebook poll. Curiously, 14% of people (1 in 7) who replied, believe it’s OK to add someone to their list as long as they’ve met them, or that the first email they send has a clear unsubscribe option.

Continuing to be intrigued, when we reran the same survey with the questions worded from the perspective of the receiver, 39% of the responders said they would not mind being added to someone’s list as long as they’ve met them or that the first email gives a clear unsubscribe option. At first glance, that number may seem to endorse the practice.

But what it actually means is that 61% of people are irked when this happens to them.

Key point – if you’re subscribing people in any way other than when they personally opt in, you have a better than one in two chance that you’re offending a colleague or prospective customer. This act is a lot like assuming your new neighbor wants to hear the loud music you’re playing, since they can simply say something if they don’t like it. You’re putting the other guy in the position of having to complain and be the bad neighbor.

Today’s action is inaction. Notice if you’re putting the burden on other people to tell you when you’re out of line. You could be killing your own influence.


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