Thankful for do-overs…

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In our grandparents and parents generations, nearly 75% of people who reached retirement age, retired from a career, and stayed retired. They may have stayed busy by gardening, or volunteering, or even build houses for Habitat for Humanity. But the day to day punching in at the time clock were finished. Back then, when F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “There’s no second act for [American] lives,” it probably made sense. But times have changed.

In the late 1940’s, Fitzgerald’s quote caused quite a bit of chatter about the actual “meaning”. Was ‘second act’ simply referring to the section of the play when characters and the plot are fleshed-out? Or could ‘second act’ refer to getting a do-over in your life?

Can you even conceive of the idea of not getting a ‘second act’ in your life? Life is not just reaching the last stop; it is an amazing journey. We don’t just get on the bus, and get off at the last stop. Flash – there go those growing up years. Swish – college. Whoosh – career, marriage and children. Didn’t get it right the first time? Sorry, no time to redress the wrongs or rejoice in the rights.

Give me a life full of ‘second act’ opportunities! Maybe I can’t actually go back, but I can attempt to do it right the next time. In the world of influences and leadership, failure is just another word for “opportunity to learn”.

Today’s action: Reflect on the most recent time in your life when you wished you could have a do-over. Notice what you’re making failure mean? Do you think you’re a bad person? Somehow lesser? Spend 5 minutes journaling at bedtime on how your relationship to second chances creates who you are as leader and an influencer of change.


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