Blinders often hide the truth

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About a month ago, I learned something profound about Hugh Hefner… he is a philanthropist. I almost laughed at the improbability of that assertion. As he is the founder of Playboy, how could someone who glorified the objectification of women could have possibly done any good in the world?


I would have been very short-sighted.  Acting on a suggestion from a friend, I watched the Amazon Prime Hugh Hefner story. What I didn’t know shocked me. One of his many passions was to negate the shame and guilt society had placed around physical liaisons between men and women. As a magazine editor, and as a journalist, he also composed some of the most significant and compelling pieces to further the human rights movement for African Americans and to support the disputes concerning the Vietnam war.

However, he also had a huge weak spot when it came to recognizing the damage he was doing to the women’s rights movement by objectifying women.

By realizing Hugh Hefner’s major blind spot, I’m exploring my own. How many times do I dismiss people too quickly by only seeing the pieces of them I don’t like?


Today’s action – look for your own blind spots in how you view others. Especially other leaders around you. Notice if you are focused on their weaknesses so much so that you cannot see their strengths.


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