Do you have the stuff legends are made of?

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It was one of the best Olympic races ever witnessed. I excitedly phoned Vince, my brother-in-law and fellow 1500 m enthusiast, after seeing.  I knew he would get it.

The majority of 1500 m runners agree. The 2004 Olympic 1500 men’s race, where both Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco and his peer and friend Bernard Legat of Kenya both crossed the finish line under the current world record.

Guerrouj was not predicted to win. Legat, the reigning Olympic gold-medal holder was heavily favored by the world’s media. 

Even though Guerrouj had 4 world titles, he had never won Olympic gold. Experts considered him to be on the way out, distracted by a new family at home and a sub-par year to that point.

He would prove them all wrong, including his competitor Legat. This race alone established Guerrouj as the greatest middle distance runner of all time. Guerrouj not only ran the first half of the race at record pace, but in the last half he accelerated constantly, running the remainder of the race in controlled 100 m bursts.

Raw courage and determination abound. Even at this blistering pace, in the blistering heat of Athens, he blasted each 100 m faster than the last.

When Guerrouj is asked about that race, his reply tells all: You don’t know what you are capable of, until you confront the opportunity.

Today’s action – Notice where you are prejudicing your own outcomes. And choose to improve, in controlled measured bursts.

Perhaps you are stuff that legends are made of…


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