Stumbling in the sandbox

April 18, 2017 Leave a Comment


It’s a kindness we learned when we were kids.

Respond in kind.

When someone shares their toy with you, you do the same!

It’s this inherent rule of human nature that hinders your progress when building relationship with the already successful group at the top.

You do something nice for someone with high influence and they do not acknowledge. The natural involuntary response as a person who once learned sharing in the playground is to attach all kinds of meaning to this. They must be snooty, a bad person, high and mighty.

How dare they not fulfill their moral obligation to respond in kind?

Even it if was just to acknowledge!

This cycle is the number one mental block that stops influence building.

Reverse your perspective.

The influential person may have countless such acts coming at them all day, every day. All from people consciously or unconsciously wanting support in kind. Building relationship with the highly influential is not a process of quid pro quo.

Today’s assignment – notice where you may be attaching too much significance to the action (or inaction) of another.

There is no need to “fix” anything around this. Noticing will have you naturally change your negative thoughts without any additional effort.


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