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3 secrets Mark Twain used to get past writer’s block

June 24, 2016 Leave a Comment

So you’re struggling to get your book written. Many people struggle to get their book down on paper.  If it worked for Mark Twain, it will work for you, too.


Here are some quick tips:

  •  Establish a routine.You should get into a significant routine of always writing every day, or at least at the same time every week. Many experts recommend that you try 7 minutes , 10 minutes  or 15 minutes a day. Whatever it is, make a commitment and do it.
  • Write lying down. Research affirms most people are much more creative lying down, so take a notebook or your laptop to bed with you. Actually prop yourself mostly lying down on pillows and write that way. You’ll find that the flow that comes out of you is way more powerful than if you write sitting up.
  • Have fun with it. Writing is a great creative experience. Give yourself permission to be goofy, sarcastic, outrageous or silly. You can always change it later. Don’t put pressure on yourself and you’ll find your book comes out a lot easier.


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How can you help a drowning man?

June 6, 2016 Leave a Comment


hand-792920_640It was a dark and stormy night and you’re on a ship in a storm. You’re an excellent swimmer. In spite of some nervousness, you stand solidly at the ship’s rail. Then suddenly, a man is washed overboard. He’s in trouble and can barely swim.

“Try the side stroke,” you scream. Mimicking the motions from the deck. “It’s easy”.

“Throw me the life ring,” he screams back.

“No really” you say. “Swimming is easy. Just do this,” you say, pantomiming the motions.

Swear words scream from the drowning man’s lips as he shouts at you to throw him the life ring.

“How rude,” you may think. “Doesn’t he know I’m trying to help him?”

If you’re shaking your head saying “I would never do that. I’d throw him the life ring,” than think about a different scenario.

As a business owner are you offering people what you think they really need, or what they think they need? In other words are you offering people what they want instead of what you think they need. You can’t teach stress relief to someone who just wants the pain in their back to stop. First you have to help them heal their back pain.

The spark that ignites your wildfire is the problem you solve for others. But here’s the kicker. Your customer needs to know they have the problem, and really want to solve it, or they’ll think you’re an idiot trying to teach them to swim when all they really need is a life ring.

Three tips to ponder:

1. Design what you sell to the most immediate pressing pain your customers have. Often what motivated you to get into this line of work was overcoming adversity yourself. So go back and think about your mindset when you were in that adversity. It’ll be your first clue.

2. Be specific. The more people think you’re an expert in their pain, the more likely they are to buy from you and the more they’ll pay you.

3. Not sure? Ask them. Surveys are a great way to find out the words your customers or audience would use. Facebook is one of the best survey tools out there. Post a question to your status feed and see what conversation comes back. You may be pleasantly surprised!


A solution looking for a problem

June 3, 2016 Leave a Comment


light-bulb-1002783_640So, you can’t figure out why no one else loves your great idea.

It’s not uncommon – the desire to improve things, perfect things, add value.  But if no one is catching onto any of your ideas, it’s likely a simple situation that you are not really solving a problem for them.

One of my early business mentors used to call this “A solution looking for a problem”.

Truth is, if you’re not really solving something that’s a major pain for people, don’t expect them to buy the solution you’re offering.

Big pain, big profit.   Or,  as we say in the game of creating Wildfire Word of mouth epidemics,  Big spark catches easy!


Stop thinking about it…

June 1, 2016 Leave a Comment


Have you ever wondered why you’re not developing the powerful relationships in business?  Or why certain people just don’t want to play ball with you?  It could be because you’re thoughts are way more dominant than your feelings.

Pop quiz – How many late nights do you spend thinking about how to increase your success and profit?

a)    1 per month

b)    1 per night

c)    Sleep?  You mean people sleep?


Increasing your profit in a world where word of mouth is dominant takes relationships.  Solidifying relationships takes emotion far more than thought.  Authentically caring about the people who can help you in business, will create relationships over night.

Want to increase your effectiveness in connecting with connectors? Stop thinking about how you get into relationship with key contacts and get into your heart.  Connect with their needs and see how relationships develop.