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#PrayforSophie and other bashers

May 27, 2016 Leave a Comment


If you follow Canadian news you’ll have heard the controversy surrounding Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau last week.  As wife of Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she was heavily criticized for asking that she be given a staff and budget to support her leadership role in Canadian politics. The critics, mostly women, went so far as to create the hashtag #PrayForSophie as a sarcastic attack on a person of privilege asking for government budget.

Sophie TrudeauUnlike many countries, Canada has no official role of “First Lady” or partner of our Head of State. Therefore there is little support to manage the numerous calls for speaking and other public functions.

Another way to look at this situation is that Madam Grégoire-Trudeau stands for change. A long-time advocate of women’s rights, it is ironic that she is being bashed by the very women she had crusaded for simply for asking that her office be afforded the respect the role deserves, which begs the question of whether she would be facing this criticism if she were a man.

This situation is not atypical in the world of influence. Being influential means that you stand for change. Putting yourself out there with a new idea means you make yourself the centre of a movement. People with support you and people will hate you. Sometimes even those you seek to support will throw stones at you.

Influence takes guts.

Today’s action – find an influential person who you respect who’s laid it on the line right now.  Add public words of support to their campaign. Post something on your Facebook or other social media and tag them or flag them when you do.

And the next time someone throws stones at you, take it as a measure of your progress.  Creating change means exposing yourself to the discomfort and push back of others.