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Pain, peace and pumpkin pie

October 9, 2014 1 Comment



It’s been an interesting month.

The Universe, in it’s infinite wisdom has a way of sending a lot at once. Lots of challenge.  Lots of joy.

First let me say a big thank you for all the warm support over Mom’s passing. I know you know how close Mom and I were.

Top that off with a bit of empty nest syndrome, major computer problems, several huge wins in business, a car accident (I’m fine… so is the woman who hit me), some really great visits with old friends and one of the busiest months my business sees all year.

Interesting times.

The thing I’m noticing about my own grief process, is how much I make things significant when my heart is hurting. Things I’d normally roll with effortlessly become a much bigger deal. So I ask myself. Is there more coming at me? Or am I just noticing the bumps in the road more and believing they’re more significant.

The silver lining?

Now I can chat with Mom anytime.

And of course Pumpkin pie. It heals everything.  🙂


Turning Your Message into a Mission or Movement

October 2, 2014 1 Comment

How do you turn your message into a global movement?

P4090104That was the conversation in the Brain Booster section of a recent Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) collaborative call with: Kevin Gangel, Judy van Niekerk, Tim Emerson  and Charmaine Hammond.  Here are some of the strategies that came up during the call.

  • The message must be clear, consistent and easy for others to repeat.
  • Have a message that is supported by passion — you must be willing to be known for it, and to talk about/repeat it endlessly (far more than a brand or slogan).
  • The message must stand out and cause people to pay attention. Some may not agree with the message but movements are created by a strong message.
  • In fact, it’s *important* to polarize… if you don’t, you’re not appealing to everyone – you’re appealing to no one. Be okay with the fact not everyone will join your movement…that’s okay!
  • Get started… the movement doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must get started. Perhaps start with a five part blog series, or a series of social media posts i.e… take imperfect action, now!
  • Look for ways to enrol people in the message (not salesy but in your conversation) such as a workshop, a series of podcasts or articles or a teleseminar.
  • Best is something that helps them make the decision they’re facing … i.e., your offer is a no-brainer helpful necessity, not candy.
  • Create a media campaign around your message and movement. Strategy *before* tactics.
  • The EBC is a powerful source of support to expand your message globally.  You can dedicate a day, for example: November 24 2014 Judy van Niekerk has proclaimed as the Celebrate your Challenges day.
  • Use video as a means of sharing the message, and encouraging conversation and sharing of the message.
  • Focus on a couple of things instead of making your message and mission too broad – Again, strategy before tactics.
  • Talk to one person, then another, then another… People share messages and this helps build the relationship. Even globally, it’s about relationship… if it’s not, it’s not a relevant message (to the recipient’s perception).
  • Explore ways to enrol others in sharing your content (e.g. delivering your presentations/ workshops/ programs)
  • Linked In Groups.
  • Be a trusted resource.
  • When creating memes and photos, use yourself and people in your circle in the photo (instead of using clip art or purchasing photos). Create compelling, interesting, photos that spark conversation.
  • Ensure your engagement with others is authentic, from the heart and consistent.

As you begin to plan how you will turn your message into a global movement consider these questions….

1) What is your message?

2) Who is your message for?

3) What am I trying to cause with my message?

4) Where will I share this message?

5) How will I engage others? How will this message be shared?

6) When will I launch this message and movement?

7) What problem does this solve?

Details about the contributors can be found at Evolutionary Business Council.