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How to Grow Your Business by Bumping Up Your Sphere of Influence

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A Wonderful Video by Lisa Mininni from   I highly recommend you follow Lisa’s EZine.

The power of conviction

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She heard the killers call her name.

“She is here.  We know she is here… Find Immaculee!”

Over 200 sodliers with machetes and machine guns had surrounded the house, and were systematically ransacking from room to room, looking for surviving Tutis.   The only thing separateing Immaculae Ilibegiza from death was a large wardrobe and prayer.

For a three month period in 1994, Immaculee Ilibagiza hid in a 3 foot by 4 foot bathroom of a Hutu Minister with seven other women. All the while Rwandan Hutu interahamwe extremists went from house to house looking for surviving Tutis repeatedly searching house she was hidden in.

The story of Immaculee Ilibigiza is uplifting and inspiring.  Her deep connection to God and steady prayer not only helped her survive one of the worse genocides in history, it helped her to forgive.

Can you imagine forgiving the men who have killed your parents, your brothers, your friends, almost everyone you have ever loved or known?

The french captain at the relief camp approached her one day.  “I’ll give you some justice… If you want revenge, it’s yours for the asking.  Give me the names of the Hutus that were searching for you, or the ones who killed your parents and brothers, and I’ll have them killed for you.” The french captain made an incredible offer.  Trained and well-armed soldiers who would kill at her command.  Her response? She prayed for the captain. That God would touch his heart with forgiveness for all the hatred and death he had seen.

She had come to see the truth. That the killers were nothing more than children. Children who had badly lost their way and were steeped in the belief that the only way out of desperation, was to kill the Tutis that they believed were blocking their prosperity and success.

Inspired?  Millions of other people were.  Immaculee Ilibigiza is now a many-time New York Time bestselling author.   Millions now know her name.

Forgiveness is simply the most powerful acts of humanity.  It relieves us of our burden so we can move forward powerfully.  It is deeply inspiring to others.  And Inspiration sells.

If you want to truly step into influence, be courageous in your forgiveness. Here’s two important tips

1. Forgive yourself daily.  Make sure you stop and thing about where you’re angry at yourself and clean this up.

2. Separate forgiveness from accountability and reparation.  Forgiving someone does not mean that they should not make amends.




I Hate My Feelings

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Posted by Frederick Zappone

I hate how I feel…
I don’t like feeling this way..
I wished I didn’t FEEL the way I do.

If I haven’t heard the lines, written above, uttered by someone I care about once in my lifetime, I have heard them ten thousand times.  More than anything people deal with in life, it seems their feelings are the most troublesome. They are so troublesome that people spend billions each year on therapy, pills, illegal drugs, booze and other substances to control, medicate, subdue, numb or sedate their feelings…

For God’s sake and your own quit resisting what you feel and feel what you feel. For crying out loud, they are just feelings.  YES, I know they are your feelings but nevertheless they are just feelings and when you focus on thoughts that make you feel good, you will feel good instead of feeling bad.


You cannot feel good by focusing on anything that makes you feel bad whether it be a thought, an emotion, a person or a situation. You also can’t feel good when you falsely believe your are flawed and defective in some way.  And you can’t feel good when you think you have this ‘mental health problem’ or that one.   And you can’t feel good when you are unconsciously committed to feeling the worst about yourself. Please understand, I don’t want to save people from themselves. I don’t want to convince people of anything. I just wished so many of the really kind, decent, caring folks I know would quit focusing on what’s wrong with them and start focusing on what’s right about them.


The biggest problem people have with the way they feel is they resist the way they feel.  It is not what you feel that is the problem, it is your resistance to what you feel that is the problem because whatever you resist persists and grows stronger, gaining strength and power over you.

The feelings you resist not only grow stronger,  they drain you of energy, rob you of your happiness and turn you into a neurotic babbling idiot….

The quickest way through any feeling you do not like is to FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL.   Thinking about why you feel bad only makes you feel worse. Analyzing why you feel bad only makes the bad feeling deteriorate into a worse feeling because it is a simple fact that what whatever feeling you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same… On the other hand, if you are already into feeling bad and can’t seem to find your way out of feeling bad, again the quickest way out of feeling bad is to FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL while at the same time moving forward with your life.  In others words, ‘I feel bad now, I don’t like that I feel bad now, I can’t change that I feel bad now so I will focus on what I really want to do’….and in the process of you doing what you really want to do,  your bad feelings turn into good ones, naturally

Are you a law of attraction believer?   If you are, be careful with your feelings. You see, many people know that in order to attract what they want, they have got to feel good.  Here’s the problem, their is no way of knowing how good you have to feel before you will attract what you want. As a result, people try to force themselves to feel higher level of good feelings. The trouble is, the moment you begin forcing yourself to feel what you don’t feel, the negative feelings you presently feel get stronger and begin to consume your whole personality.  You don’t get to feel good by forcing yourself to feel good, you get to feel good by FEELING WHAT YOU FEEL…..and ALLOWING the good feelings you want to flow into your life effortlessly.  Any effort or struggle you tie to feeling good, in the end, always, always makes you feel worse….