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Watching a wildfire – LIVE! …with a chew toy and a “who’s a good boy?”

May 17, 2011 1 Comment

Spark, fuel and wind.

They’re the three key ingredients in a massive word of mouth wildfire.

A month ago I predicted Charmaine Hammond would hit New York Times.  Her spark and fuel are just so strong.   Charmaine has dedicated her life to helping others live better lives through her teaching of resiliency.  And her dog Toby has become a hero dog Canada-wide with his volunteer work and inspirational story.

You only have to meet Charmaine to be inspired by her.  And her dog Toby, the very large and very joyful Cheasepeake Bay Retriever who has touched the lives of thousands through his volunteer work can do nothing but bring a grin of joy to your face.

In every word of mouth wildfire there is a tipping point (as Malcolm Gladwell would say).   A point at which the energy around something becomes so great that it the wildfire takes on a life of its own.  That’s the wind.

When influential people all over are so inspired that they all start talking about something and throw their energy behind.  Today is that day for “On Toby’s Terms” Charmaine’s book.  Thought-leaders are stepping up from all over the planet to offer free gifts and down-loadables for anyone who buys the book today.


Because this book just might inspire you to take your belief in others to a deeper level.   It just might inspire you to love deeper, live fuller and laugh more.

Buy this book.  Buy it for your parents, your kids and anyone you love!  Maybe you’ll stay up all night with someone you love reading it, laughing and crying the way my kids and I did.

But one thing is for certain.  You will have been part of one of the biggest wildfires this year will see.  And when you’re watching this movie win the academy award, you’ll be able to say “I read that book the week it hit New York Times”.

For more information on Charmaine and Toby click HERE.

-Teresa de Grosbois

Mindset Marketing Magic: Seeing the World through Your Prospect’s Eyes

May 12, 2011 Leave a Comment

By Rosey Dow The Prospect Profiler™

Marketing at its core means writing and speaking powerful words for sound bites, headlines, articles, or social media. No matter what the point of contact, getting into your readers’ mindset is crucial for success. The vast majority of solo business owners write from their own mindset, using their own viewpoint and their own words to attract prospects. But is this valid?

Some powerful and famous coaches claim that your prospects are just like you. They give strong advice to use your own mindset to write and speak to your market.

But is this valid?

Sometimes. But then again, sometimes not.

If your business targets people on a journey that you have walked—such as coaches helping others through challenges they have faced themselves—then yes. You and your prospects are on the same journey. You are ahead of them on the path, and you can show the way, i.e. cancer survivors helping others through the emotional trauma they have also faced. In that case, your prospects will resemble you in some area. You share the same mindset in this area of your lives.

However, if you offer a skill or insights where your prospect is weak—such as a business coach who is a natural at spotting and developing scalability for business growth—then your prospect will not be like you. Your strong points will bolster their weakness. Marketing to your own mindset will attract people who look at your programs and yawn. They’ll take your freebies and run with them. They don’t really need you at all.

Mindset involves stress points and framing. Stress points are the inner tugs that we all have, the problem we live with at the deepest levels. For example, leaders who are also caregivers feel a tremendous responsibility to be sure everyone within their sphere is safe and well. They crave fulfillment, the sense of a job well done with the status and respect they deserve as a result. They also long for time off, with nothing to remind them of their responsibility—no phone calls, no email, no worries—where they can rest mentally as well as physically.

If your prospect is a leader and caregiver, those 2 stress points create a frame for your marketing campaign. You could say, “Ever wish you could afford to get away where the only sound you hear is surf and sea gulls? Where someone else minds the phone and takes care of everyone while you snooze on the sand?” Your leader/caregiver prospect feels a physical reaction to this word picture. This is a powerful frame for your marketing. Using this mindset, you could create many campaigns with various images showing how your product or service will meet a deep longing she lives with every day. Now you’ve got something that’s every business owner’s dream—an irresistible offer.

Still puzzled about your prospects’ mindset? Pick up your free assessment at

Rosey Dow is a Prospect Mind Reader. She’ll help you get a grip on how your prospects think and ferret out what they really want—so you can give it to them. She is a multi-published author and Internet marketing specialist. That’s why they call her The Prospect Profiler™.

For more information and to visit Rosey’s website please click HERE.


Slow Down to Speed Up

May 9, 2011 1 Comment

“Step on the gas. Brake straight. Turn early. Turn early. Turn early. Slow down. Slow
down. Slow down to speed up.”

I used to chant this mantra in my head as I would wail my car around a tight course
doing auto-slalom. The principles were taught to me by some of the best drivers in
North America (one of the fun privileges in being a women in a male dominated sport).

The principles have all stuck with me as ones by which to live my life.

I give myself permission to step on the gas and move forward into my passion. I brake
when I see a course correction coming and I brake in a straight line, before I turn. I turn
the car before the turn comes. And most importantly, truly the thing that separates a
good driver from a National Champion, I slow down in order to speed up.

It’s so obvious when you’re watching someone else move toward their dream.

But think about the last time you made yourself so busy you started loosing site of the
important things – your health, your relationships.

You get that sinking feeling any you know. Your car is off the pavement. You’re in full
spin. You step on it trying to regain control. Grass is flying everywhere. Dear God,
where are the concrete barriers?

You knuckles are fully white on the steering wheel when the car spins to a full stop.
Everyone’s face watching has a knowing expression. They saw it coming long before
you did.

Today’s tip.

Slow down to speed up.

How To Drop Fear by: Pragito Dove

May 5, 2011 1 Comment

I love this article by Meditation Instructor & Hypnotherapist Pragito Dove. It is so simple and yet so profound. I couldn’t help but share.


Fear is the absence of love. And the problem with something that is absent is that you cannot do anything with it directly. Fear is like darkness, which is the absence of light. There is nothing you can do with darkness directly, because it is an absence of something— which leaves you nothing to work with. But you can bring in more light.

Switch on the light. If you want darkness, switch off the light again. You work directly with the light, not with the darkness. The same is true with fear and love. Don’t bother with the fear—focus on love. You can do something with love immediately. Start loving.

Love is born within us; it is an intrinsic quality. We can just start giving love, sharing it, allowing it to flow out of us. As we do that, it grows. Don’t hold back; don’t be miserly with your love. If we don’t use our natural qualities they become blocked, grow stagnant, and wither away. That’s what happens to embittered people—they become frozen by their refusal to share their love.

When we give love, in the very giving we become richer because our love starts radiating outward. And then our fear starts to naturally disappear. It simply cannot exist in the face of so much love. So it is not a question of dropping fear; it is a question of sharing your love, and then the fear vanishes of its own accord.

MEDITATION: Start Loving!


The more you do this technique, over time you feel the joy in your heart expanding and your fear dissolving.

Become more and more loving, and you become more and more joyful. Don’t worry about whether or not your love is returned; that is not the point. Joy follows love automatically, and fear is dissolved automatically. The beauty of love is that its result, its value, are intrinsic. Love does not depend on the response of another, because it is totally yours.

Choose a person or pet to be loving toward. It makes no difference to whom you are loving—a dog, a tree, a stranger in the grocery store.

Smile at people in the street, be more loving toward yourself.