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Learn to Use the Power of Video by Peter Temple

March 30, 2011 4 Comments

Google loves video! It’s the most powerful communication medium ever invented. It will make you a real, “live” person on the internet and far more approachable. It will build trust, which in turn means more sales.

But here’s the BIG payoff – it will rocket you to the top of Google if you host it on your own site! And, it’s so easy to create your own, simple videos.

My favorite camera at the moment is the Kodak Zi8 camera. It’s a “flip camera,” which is designed for operation simplicity and ease of transferring the video files to the internet. You can shoot a video and have it on the internet in about an hour! In an upcoming webinar, I’ll unlock all the secrets to good sound and good lighting but more importantly, I’ll show you how to download, resize, compress and upload your video either to your own site or youtube with a link back to your site.

The Kodak Hi8 is a High Definition (HD) camera with a microphone input – that’s a rare combination to find right now. The microphone input is so important because people will watch poor video with great sound, but not the opposite. If you’ve got a wireless microphone, you’ll have a high quality sound and video combination that can’t be beat!

But the exciting thing is that you can put an entire package together of camera, microphone and editing program for under $200.00 US. So, you can add real value to your website without a huge outlay in capital.

And I’ll discuss the pros and cons of uploading your site to YouTube as opposed to hosting on your own site. I’ll share the steps in getting your own YouTube channel, if you don’t already have one.

Lots to learn at my upcoming webinar … and this is only the start!

The webinar is on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 9:30am MST. It’s FREE and you can sign up at

Peter Temple has been a professional writer, producer and director for television for 35 years and is a professional speaker and trainer. He coaches presenters on how to structure their presentations, look good on camera or the stage, and use media effectively. Find him at

Vancouver’s best kept sushi secret…

March 27, 2011 Leave a Comment

I love being able to leave an 80% tip at a restaurant and not think twice.  Why would I do such a thing?  Because the Unagi was exceptional, the sushi was fresh, the service was friendly and my daughter and I got dinner for two, with tip for $20.   Wow!

As someone who teaches word of mouth, I feel compelled now and then to live what I teach.  Want to pick up some great Sushi next time you’re on the coast.  Try Sushi Momo on Bidwell at Robson.  If you don’t mind the “hole in the wall” feel,  you’ll leave licking your lips, with your stomach and your wallet full.

Big spark catches easy! – How to start a word of mouth pandemic!

March 18, 2011 5 Comments

Pop quiz

What catches wildfire easier?

a)    big spark

b)    little spark

c)    Don’t be silly,  I never play with fire

Many people make the mistake of thinking that working on a big problem that’s of great significance to others will be too hard.  So they practice on the little stuff, that’s not particularly important to them or anyone else.

Nothing could be further from the truth.   The bigger the problem you solve for others, the bigger the service you provide, the more happiness or relief you bring, the easier it is to be the subject of wildfire word of mouth.  That’s why the expression “The bigger the why, the easier the how” has become so popular amongst transformation leaders like Janet Attwood and Jennifer Hough.

So before you start planning your next on-line campaign or product roll out, make it easier on yourself.  Give yourself a really big spark!

Know any great stories of people who’ve done really inspiring things that have resulted in wildfire word of mouth?   I’d love to hear about them and write about them on my blog.  Join in the conversation here….