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What’s stopping you from writing that book?

January 16, 2011 129 Comments

You’ve spoken of it to me before so often.

The truth is, writing a book is the most common dream people tell me they have.

A book is also one of the best tools for influencing positive change, for influencing word of mouth, for influencing, period.

So what’s stopping you?   I’d like to hear about, so please post your comments below.

Do you remember your New Years Resolution? The biggest habit you need to change!

January 6, 2011 Leave a Comment

Did you have to stop to recall your Resolution this year?  Most people do.  In just 7 days, most people will have forgotten that they even made a New Years Resolution.

Why?  Because the habit you most need to learn, is to routinely examine your habits and how they’re affecting you?

When you learn this habit, other habits will have much less hold on you.

What do you do to help you routinely notice and correct your habits?