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Tired of not having meaningful family interactions? Get into Earth Hour!

March 28, 2009 Leave a Comment

It’s coming tonight!  Wherever you live around the world, a global call has been put out to shut down your energy use for one hour at 8:30 PM.  This rolling movement across the earth will save electricity and allow people everywhere to voice their support for creating a balanced and harmonious planet.

On the home front Earth Hour provides something even more powerful!

For one hour, Earth Hour provides one of the best opportunities you will ever get for PURE UNADULTERATED FUN, CONNECTING WITH YOUR LOVED ONES!

I invite you all to post ideas here about how to make this a fantastic hour with those you love.

Here’s my list to start!  All of these activities can be done by candle light in your livingroom.   You can even make a blanket tent if you have young kids (or if you’re a kid at heart like me) and want to make it more fun!

  1. Play  “If I could do anything I would be, do or have. . .”   This is a great game to help you see what’s in the hearts of those you love.  Their deepest desires will start coming out, and you will see a whole new side of people you love.   It gives you the opportunity to show them what they could achieve! You can  brainstorm how to help them achieve these things.
  2. Another variation on this game is  “If I could create two miracles in the world, one for myself and one for the world, I would. . .”
  3. Play the gratitude game.  Everyone gets to say the things they are most grateful for in life.  Set a target and see if you can come up with enough things to hit that number.  When you do, reward yourself in some way.  It’s a great time to break out the “raw food” party snacks you prepared earlier to celebrate the event!

Let’s keep the list going, you are invited to post your ideas here!

Obama Administration Requests Info on Planetary Challenges

March 25, 2009 Leave a Comment

The following post is from the Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee

The Evolutionary Leaders Counsel has been asked by the Obama administration to offer information on what is taking place on the planet and how we can change it. They requested a signed petition offering information on how many people are in favor of the changes suggested. Many of these Evolutionary Leaders are friends, associates and Board Members of the Global Coherence Initiative. As a gesture of support we are sharing their message with you.

Please read the information below that was submitted to the Obama administration.   If you agree with it we suggest you click the following link where you will be able to sign the petition.

Thanks for your consideration.

All the best,

Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee

Obama Administration Requests Info on Planetary Challenges      Sat Feb 7, 2009 1:04 pm (PST)

The Obama Administration has asked the “Evolutionary Leaders” to communicate about what is transpiring on the planet, and how we can change the course of the unprecedented events that are challenging this planet. This is a window of opportunity that must be taken! A deadline was given for this information to be conveyed to the Obama Administration. The Evolutionary Leaders like Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Michael Beckwith and many, many others, gathered together to write up the information to present to the Obama Administration.

They are also asking us to sign a petition to show the Administration how many people are in favor for these changes to occur. They need 10,000 signatures. We need your help to reach that number and beyond! Below is the information presented to the New Administration.

The petition link will follow with the next post: By the Evolutionary Leaders The human family is in the midst of the most significant transformation of consciousness since its emergence in Africa over one hundred thousand years ago. Consciousness has been evolving for billions of years from the first cell to us.

We are becoming aware that through our own consciousness the universe can know itself. This awareness reveals incredible new potential for our individual and collective humanity. Simultaneously, we are the first species on this Earth aware that we can destroy ourselves by our own action.

This may be the greatest wake-up call to the evolution of consciousness since the origin of Homo sapiens. We now realize that we are affecting our own evolution by everything we do. This knowledge awakens in us the aspiration to become more conscious through subjective practices including meditation, reflection, prayer, intuition, creativity, and conscious choice making that accelerate our evolution in the direction of unity consciousness and inspire us to deeply align our collective vision.

THE CHALLENGE At this juncture in human history, urgent global crises challenge us to learn to live sustainably, in harmony and gratitude with one another and with the living universe. The changes required of humanity are broad, deep, and far reaching.

Only by acting swiftly and creatively can we birth a planetary culture that will bring well-being to every form of life in the Earth community. The good news is that a compelling new story of our potential as a whole human species is emerging-a story of collaboration, citizen action, dialogue and new understandings propelled by unprecedented levels of democratic freedom, multicultural exchange, and access to communication technologies.

It is nothing less than the story of our collective evolution. OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACTION We recognize that the inner and outer aspects of life evolve together. A dramatic awakening in consciousness will involve an equally dramatic shift in outward aspects of our lives.

In particular, we see the following as vital opportunities for our conscious evolution, both personally and collectively: Cultivating a Paradigm of Aliveness: We regard the universe as deeply alive and conscious by nature. In a living universe, our sense of subtle connection and participation with life around us is the basis for a compassionate and cooperative approach to living.

Educating for an Evolving Consciousness: Awakening consciousness is the foundation for all the change we seek to see in the world. We can work to elevate our capacity for conscious reflection and creative action in our personal lives as well as our collective lives as communities.

We must support research and educational strategies that optimize human capacities and explore the nature of consciousness. Restoring Ecological Balance: The balance of planetary ecosystems is fundamental to our survival. We must reverse the pollution of our global commons-the water, air and soil that nourish all life.

We must encourage the proliferation of clean, renewable energy sources and expend all necessary resources toward mitigating the effects of climate change. Encouraging Conscious Media: We must find innovative ways to use the new electronic media as the mirror of our positive evolutionary story, investing in their capacity to reach across differences of generation, culture, religion, wealth, and gender to build a working consensus about our collective future.

Engaging in Social and Political Transformation: More sustainable ways of living will require the support of a more conscious democracy and vibrant civil society from which more enlightened leaders will emerge. All individuals should be encouraged to use their gifts to create participatory, responsible and compassionate models of governance.

Working for Integrity in Commerce: Conscious businesses that are aware of the scope, depth, and long-range impacts of their actions are key to achieving sustainability. Business must become an ethical steward of the Earth’s ecology and consciously establish an economic basis for a future of equitably shared abundance.

Promoting Health and Healing: The science of mind-body-spirit health has demonstrated the profound connection between the health of a whole person and the health of the system in which he or she lives. Whole systems healing, respecting both traditional knowledge and modern sciences, must be supported in physical, social, and spiritual domains. Building Global Community:

The new story is about all of us who share this planet. Together, we can create a culture of peace that eliminates the need for armed conflict, respecting and appreciating the glorious diversity of our human family. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS VITAL Our group has done its best to articulate possibilities for the evolution of consciousness at this crucial moment in time.

Please reflect on this document, feel what resonates in your being and calls forth a response on your part. We invite you to discuss it with others, continuing this global conversation by adding to it the wisdom that is uniquely your own. Together, let us co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution that is a call to individual and collective action, birthing the most significant transformation of consciousness in history. Join in the Call to Conscious Evolution by signing the pledge now.

FOUNDING SIGNATORIES Chopra Center, Carlsbad, California, Michael Beckwith, Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden, Rinaldo Brutoco, Thomas Callanan, Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra, Dale Colton, Gordon Dveirin, Duane Elgin , Leslie Elkus, Barbara Fields, Debbie Ford, Ashok Gangadean, Kathleen Gardarian, Tom Gegax, Charles Gibbs, Kathy Hearn, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Judy Martin, Rod McGrew, Steve McIntosh, Lynne McTaggart, Deborah Moldow, James O’Dea, Carter Phipps, Wendy Craig-Purcell, Carolyn Rangel, Rustum Roy, Peter Russell, Gerard Senehi, Emily Squires, Brian Swimme, Diane Williams, Marianne Williamson, Tom Zender.

See what others are saying, sign petition and write your comments: Global Coherence Initiative

When Irish eyes are smiling!

March 17, 2009 1 Comment

She is beautiful at the age of 88 – right down to her soul.   When you meet her you know she loves learning because she will chat enthusiastically about any passion a visitor has.   Yet what I love most about her is her smile.   Marie grew up, the eldest child of Irish Canadian parents, on a rural Ontario farm.  She shouldered responsibility young, leaving home at the tender age of seven to live closer to school. Then at the age of twelve, she left home again to help a favorite Aunt care for her baby twins.  Can you  imagine the courage it takes a child to leave home?  Yet Marie always smiles looking back on it with only happy memories.

When I was a child, she used to sing to me “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.  I’d see the love in her eyes and I did not need to ask her what the song meant.  Even amidst the toils of caring for my two ailing Grandmothers and her nine children – I was a handful as the youngest  –  she found time each day to spread cheer and love.  At bedtime, fully spent from her day, she’d often doze off while reading to my sister Flo and me.  We’d prod her awake to finish the story and she’d always laugh at her fatigue.

Recently I finished reading Marci Shimoff’s book “Happy for No Reason”1.  It’s a MUST READ!  Throughout the book, I kept seeing my mother.  She has always made caring for body and soul a priority – even in the midst of the chaos of running a household of twelve.   She could easily have been in Marci’s book.  When Mom smiled at others, she taught me how to send them a wish for happiness.  In that smile, her soul always shone through your eyes.  It is in these moments that I remember that how I respond to life is a constant choice.  Happiness is not about the challenges we’re thrown, but about the choices we make of how we respond to them.   So today – and everyday – my Irish eyes will be smiling.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mom!   I love you.

Teresa de Grosbois is a relationship expert and international speaker.  She writes leading edge books for children on the topic of law of attraction.  Sign up for her newsletter at

1. Marci’s book is a MUST READ!  Order it now at

Teaching kids leadership – St. Clare School: a Great Model!

March 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

When I got the call from Kim Stonehouse of St. Clare School in Calgary I though, “Wow,” a school having an entire one-day Wellness Fair. Kim is a person for whom the word “Leader” shines from her very persona. She wants every child in her school to be their very best: one of the reasons she has volunteered to help organize the school’s Fair. I was so impressed I changed my flight back from Vancouver so I could attend.

The moment I walked into St. Clare School I could feel the positive energy. A grade six student was assigned to show me to the classroom where I’d be giving my program on positive thinking. Again “leader” was the word that came to mind when I met him. He was self confident, helped me feel welcome and showed me what I needed to know. Everyone I met in the school had this attitude. I was stationed in Mrs. Morton’s grade 1 class. She is a phenomenal teacher who looks for every opportunity to assign a leadership role to one of her students. She calmly gives them whatever assurance and guidance they need and then steps back and lets them learn by doing. She’s the type of teacher I admire; she understands that leadership is not about “command and control”. Rather, she sets boundaries in which kids can grow to their full potential: “servant leadership”.

Seventh Century BC writings of Laotzu (a near contemporary of Confucius, who made Toaism popular) writes of how “Of a good leader, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say “we did this ourselves”.”

At the first morning break I met St. Clare’s Principal Giselle Leclair and everything then made sense. She sets a vision, then helps those around her succeed in being the leaders that they are. Every teacher I met in her school, quite clearly is.

Tips for growing greater leadership in kids:
• Role model to your kids that leadership is about helping others succeed in achieving a shared desire. It’s not about being “bossy” or “commanding”.
• Set the vision and the boundaries for success – make sure it’s clear what you’re trying to achieve and what is required to make it a success. If the aim is clear they will easily follow through.
• Get out of the way and express your belief that they can do it. When kids know that you believe they will succeed, they believe. What they think about happens. (Law of Attraction 101!)

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